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The intention when I first started this blog was to heal by trying to cohesively narrate all the shattered thoughts going on in my mind during a very difficult period several years ago, using it as an opportunity piece together a story and make sense of confusing experiences and unanswered questions I had. It was at a time when men bullied and harassed me and yet pretended to be good men, satisfied by the congratulations and support they received especially by imbeciles and idiots, believing that since they do what they think they are supposed to be doing according to the dictates of their society, they are doing the “right” thing and are therefore “good” people and that left me angry and confused about what the nature of goodness was.

Even further still, I had a challenging life and one led on my own that I could not talk about my past and the hardships that I endured to people I knew, because I did not want their pity or their advice. If I could not make sense of my own thoughts, how could I make sense to my friends and so ultimately I just felt worse when I spoke about my experiences. Yet, when I kept to myself and my own thoughts, all I seemed to do was ruminate and that never helped either. I would find myself crying, feeling depressed and at one point when things were really dark, no longer wanting to live.

I knew I needed to speak and heal and so along with counselling, I started this blog to try and write to an audience, to take me out of my subjectivity and think more objectively. To make sense of my experiences.

Now, it is time to move on because now I know I am healed. It took a long time, many mistakes, many discoveries, but the intention has changed and I no longer need this blog for that reason. Now, as I move into a career in human rights and international journalism, the moral traveller will solely be about news and current affairs. I will stop writing essays and will move into news articles as I begin to build a portfolio of writing.

My professional career as a contractor/consultant has skyrocketed to a six-figure salary that I am also now capable of looking after myself and being able to pursue my creative and travel needs at the same time, especially finishing my upcoming book Motherly Love. I am dedicated to helping Syrian refugees and will be researching on the nature of human rights and post-conflict Syria. In addition, I have been recording for my podcast and that will also be released soon.

I look forward to the new changes.