Another Change

I wanted to send through notification that I have decided to once again – and hopefully the last time – change my blog. I guess it is indicative of the changes that have occurred within myself and after more than three years of subjective chaos as I was trying to understand who I was, I have made some new developments and decisions that has settled my heart and my direction in life. I feel very solid and confident now about who I am and what I want.

While this subject matter is very important to me, I feel somewhat restricted from pursuing other areas of major interest including – in particular – my creative pursuits as well as moral philosophy and biblical studies, both of which play a major role in my personal identity parallel to my professional, which is international law and politics.

I am not a static person, but very active and I admit that while I was testing the waters with this blog, it just never sat well with me so I have decided to take it slow this time and find my own voice and way with a new blog that eliminates any excess baggage that previously weighed on my understanding of the world.

You are welcome to unfollow me or remain in waiting as I change the blog once again over the next month. Thanks for your patience with me and for walking with me on my journey to self-discovery.