Rage Against The Parasites

“Ouch” she slapped her arm, missed.
Those little creatures crawled under her skin,
She watched as their vicious teeth bit into her veins.
Those imposters same,
Sweet sounds, kind words, all echo from their mouths
They call. They call and you obey.
Singing sirens from the devils gate.

Now you do what they told ya.

An itch, a red little lump. “Get out” she screamed,
As they, swimming through her blood
Infect it with their disease.
Darkness and death surrounds
As they smoke and play.
Crushing truth into an ashtray.

Now you do what they told ya.

Pouring black venom from their mouths to her brain,
She screams, she rages, collapses from the pain.
Those creatures arm-in-arm holding champagne
Acronyms, exclamation marks, moronic wordplays
Pictures for instagram
They’re all the fucking same.

Now you do what they told ya.

She dies. They feed, shape-shift, consume,
They devour her and stand in full bloom
Wiping her flesh from their lips, and kiss, the two
Together help make evil pull through
As her voiceless ghost watches them imitate her, all groomed
For their next prey.

2 thoughts on “Rage Against The Parasites

  1. Thanks Rosaliene! That social space – “being bitten” – makes you become desperate, isolated, and confused that eventually you lose yourself and who you really are in the process. In a way, this social death is perhaps the best thing that can happen to you because you cannot defeat it.

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