My Doco: As It Happened – Ongoing Stories of the Nakba

I am very excited to permanently add my first documentary to my blog. At the moment, I am a semi-finalist for three international film festival awards – two in The Netherlands and one in Italy – and have won a monthly award for best world cinema documentary! It is nice to be recognised, however small and new to filmmaking I am, but it is more about helping me send the message of these youngsters to as many people as I can.


While all of this is very new to me, I hope to convey the message that these young Palestinians deserve to be seen as normal teenagers who have the right to have a voice. Their experience under occupation denies them their right and this film intends to show that any justification that all Palestinians are ‘bad’ is just outright wrong.

I don’t want them to be forgotten. I realised the stories of those that no one can see are the stories that I want to tell, of those quirky people that deserve a higher status in our hearts but are overshadowed either by the loudness of hatred and violence on one end or vain social entertainment on the other.

I will be heading to the Netherlands later in the year to attend an awards night but to start my next project in Turkey. Thank you all for your support, I really appreciate the kindness of those that make an effort to acknowledge my hard work!

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