Podcast Starting This June

It has been a very challenging time during Covid-19 where all these restrictions of movement have probably made us recognise the best, and the worst, in our lives, and where our minds start to kaleidoscope from the anxiety of feeling the existential trap where we are surrounded by people who slowly start to sound like a broken record. You fear and tremble at the future where you wonder whether life may just be a frantic running away from nothingness.

Indeed, I have been lucky because I have been distracted working on a contract and while it has been incredibly busy for me, I am nevertheless determined to complete the first season of The Moral Traveller Podcast. The underlying purpose is to recognise the inherent value of each individual by talking about those hard questions on human rights, where I have interviewed academics and leading thinkers on important questions that most people would prefer to shy away from. I have also recorded the personal stories of asylum seekers, political prisoners, indigenous Australians and victims of family violence among more on their experiences and challenges that they have overcome.

E1 Introduction
E2 Religion in post-conflict state building
E3 Seeking Asylum from Ethiopia
E4 Workplace Bullying and Harassment 
E5 Prison in Burma
E6 LGBQTI Rights
E7 Kierkegaard On Love
E8 Decendent from the Wotjobaluk People
E9 Social Hierarchies
E10 Animal Rights
E11 Escaping Iran into the jungles of Indonesia

Listening to these personal stories help us learn and understand the meaning of dignity, of equality and mutual respect. We gain insight into another person’s experiences and feelings and that opens the door to our conscience, to empathy, to learning about something within ourselves and in others. It is about love, about having those conversations, learning about human rights, about real people and real stories.

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