The Coward

A coward is not frightened of wild beasts.

He is not scared of vicious animals,

Or the unbeknownst horrors

Of a deep and dark abyss.

No, a coward does not shiver

At demons or ghosts or ghouls.

The lurking power of evil

Does not make this coward quiver.


A coward is afraid of his own mind,

Responsibility terrifies his soul.

He feels safe when he follows the herd,

And does what he is told.

Yes, a coward is a shameless liar,

He takes advantage of what he can.

He intentionally hurts the innocent,

And denies this while throwing up his hands.


A decisive coward bonds with fools,

Who else could believe him, right?

And worst of all he believes himself,

Which is why he sleeps at night.

He will never know the peace of honesty,

No, a coward will never feel happiness.

Or the subtle art of passion and courage.

Instead will drown in his own shallowness.


A coward spits out venom,

Only when he is safe and sound.

He creates a false image, a disguise,

And uses that as a weapon.

Yes, he pompously builds the Tower of Babel

A coward puffs his heart and soul,

But when the truth is realised,

The worm crawls back into his hole.

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